In-House Financing Program

Affordable, reliable transportation with incredible terms

0% interest … that’s right ZERO!

Already you’re saving thousands by shopping at Tacoma Auto Exchange. The average in-house financing car dealer charges anywhere from 20.9 to 29 % interest. You’re saving roughly ¼ of the price of the vehicle.

  • Save thousands of dollars by shopping at TAE !* If the vehicle costs $4,000, you are saving approximately $1,000 (*estimated savings).
  • Pay off your vehicle in less than 1 year !** You’ll pay the vehicle off much sooner because every cent of your payment goes to pay your balance down. (**estimated time frame based on average vehicle price. Less down and more expensive vehicles may vary).

NO pushy car sales: We won’t sell you a car, but you’ll probably buy one. Our program and terms sell themselves. We are a no-pressure dealership.

Low down payment plans: We make it affordable to get into a reliable, affordable vehicle …    with low-down options. Down payments as low as $400 depending on the price of the vehicle.

We don’t pull your credit : We respect our customers and understand that we all have issues. We’re looking for good people with bad or no credit OR someone who just appreciates 0% interest on their vehicle loan.

You won’t find anyone else like us

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* A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.