Buy Here Pay Here Dealership In Tacoma, Puyallup WA

Car buying can be a stressful process, especially if you have bad credit. But in Tacoma and Puyallup, WA, car buyers now have an option that can save them thousands of dollars.

In-House Financing programs offer 0% interest loans, low down payments, and no credit check required.

We’re here to compare traditional financing with in-house financing to help you decide which type is best for your needs.

BHPH Financing: How It Works and Why It's Better

At Tacoma Auto Exchange, we have a special program for buying cars, known as BHPH, or Buy Here Pay Here financing. Here’s how it works. We skip the credit check that most car dealers and banks require. Instead, we trust you to pay back the loan. We even offer a 0% interest loan, unlike most places that charge between 20.9 – 29% interest.

So, how is this better for you?

  1. Zero interest loans: When you choose our BHPH program, you get a loan that won’t cost you any extra money. That means you could save thousands of dollars compared to other car dealers.
  2. Fast pay-off: With every payment you make, the total amount you owe goes down. You could even own your car in less than a year!
  3. Low down payments: We also offer plans with down payments as low as $700. That way, you can start driving your new car sooner.
  4. No pressure: We don’t use pushy sales tactics. We let our program and terms do the talking!

There’s one extra cost you should know about. We may add up to $200 to the price of your car for the documentary service fee. But we promise that the overall cost will still be lower than at other dealers.

We designed this program with respect for our customers and their unique situations. We get it, life happens. Sometimes good people have bad credit or no credit. That’s why our down payments vary according to the market, but we make sure they’re always affordable. We want everyone to have a reliable car without spending more than they can afford.

Comparing our BHPH program to others, you’ll find that you can save about ¼ of the car’s price due to our 0% interest and lower down payments. Choose Tacoma Auto Exchange’s BHPH Financing Program for affordable, reliable transportation on terms that work for you – all without the high-pressure sales tactics!

Why Choose Tacoma Auto Exchange’s Buy Here Pay Here Financing Program

When it comes to ‘Buy Here Pay Here’ financing, Tacoma Auto Exchange is an excellent choice. It provides many benefits that make it stand out from other car dealerships.

  1. Save Money: Tacoma Auto Exchange can save you thousands compared to average dealerships. Ourr 0% interest loan and low down payment plans, starting from only $700, make car purchasing more affordable.
  2. Quality Cars: At Tacoma Auto Exchange, quality and reliability are a top priority. You’re not just saving money but also getting a dependable vehicle.
  3. No Credit Check: Unlike traditional lenders, Tacoma Auto Exchange doesn’t require a credit check for financing, making it stress-free and convenient.
  4. Respectful Customer Service: We prioritize treating customers with respect and understanding their unique situations.
  5. A Solution for All: If your credit score isn’t great, Tacoma Auto Exchange offers an affordable solution. Our program can help you when banks or other lenders won’t, due to bad or no credit.
  6. Fast Payoff: With Tacoma Auto Exchange, you can even pay off your vehicle in less than a year. Each payment you make goes directly towards the balance!

More reasons to choose Tacoma Auto Exchange include:

  • Affordable and Dependable: The attractive terms offered by Tacoma Auto Exchange means you can own a reliable vehicle while saving money compared to other dealerships.
  • Low Down Payments: With options starting from as low as $700, you’ll find a plan that fits your budget.
  • Pressure-free Experience: Tacoma Auto Exchange’s staff won’t put undue pressure on you to make a decision. The program and terms speak for themselves!
  • Understanding Customer Service: They go the extra mile to respect their customers’ individual situations.

If you’re seeking affordable and reliable transportation or need assistance with financing despite bad or no credit, Tacoma Auto Exchange is your solution. We provide unbeatable terms, including 0% interest loans and low down payments, making car ownership easier than ever before. 

Choose Tacoma Auto Exchange: Your Trusted Buy Here Pay Here Dealership In Tacoma, Puyallup WA

With Tacoma Auto Exchange, you don’t just get quality vehicles – you also get exceptional customer service. We are dedicated to helping people find the perfect car for them without pushing any sales tactics or hidden fees onto their customers.

So when it comes time to buy here pay here cars for sale in Tacoma & Puyallup WA, choose Tacoma Auto Exchange!

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